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PRETORIA, South Africa -- As the girlfriend he shot in the head lay dead or dying in his home, a weeping, praying Oscar Pistorius knelt at her side and struggled in vain to help her breathe by holding two fingers in her clenched mouth, a witness testified Thursday at the double-amputee runners murder trial. Doug Kotar Jersey . "I shot her. I thought she was a burglar. I shot her," radiologist Johan Stipp, a neighbour, recalled Pistorius saying. The worried neighbour had entered Pistorius home after hearing screams. By that time, the celebrated athlete had carried Reeva Steenkamps bloodied body downstairs following the fatal nighttime shooting in his bathroom. A few minutes after he arrived, Stipp said, Pistorius went back upstairs -- the area where he had shot the 29-year-old model -- and returned. At that point, Stipp said he was concerned that the gun used in the shooting had not been recovered and that a distraught Pistorius was going to harm himself. The testimony did not address what Pistorius did when he went upstairs. Stipps account in a Pretoria court was the first detailed, public description of the immediate aftermath of the shooting in the pre-dawn hours of Feb. 14 last year. Pistorius is charged with premeditated murder after shooting Steenkamp three times out of four shots through the toilet door, with prosecutors trying to build a case that the Olympian intentionally killed Steenkamp after a loud argument. At his bail hearing last year, Pistorius said in a statement read by his lawyer that after he realized he had shot Steenkamp, thinking mistakenly that she was an intruder, he pulled on his prosthetic legs and tried to kick down the toilet door. He said he finally gave up and bashed the door in with a cricket bat. Inside, he said he found Steenkamp, slumped over but still alive. He said he lifted her body and carried her downstairs to seek medical help. On Thursday, as Stipp recalled the sometimes grisly details through questioning by the prosecutor, Pistorius bent forward on the wooden court bench and put his hand over his face. Clutching what appeared to be black rosary beads, Pistorius then moved his hands to cover both ears as Stipp described the scene at the athletes villa sometime after 3 a.m. Pistorius stayed that way for a while in the courtroom, even when one of his lawyers reached back and touched him on the head in an apparent gesture of reassurance. "Oscar was crying all the time," Stipp continued. "He was praying to God, Please let her live." "Oscar said he would dedicate "his life and her life to God" if she would live, Stipp said. The chief defence lawyer, Barry Roux, asked Stipp if he thought Pistorius emotions as the runner knelt next to Steenkamp were genuine. Stipp said he thought they were. "He looked sincere to me," Stipp said of observing Pistorius minutes after hed fatally shot his girlfriend. "He was crying. There were tears on his face." Prosecutors contend that a person who has just killed someone might immediately feel remorse. Stipp, whose house is behind Pistorius, said he had initially been woken by what he described as a womans screams. After calling private security at the gated community, he said he decided he should go and try to help. When he arrived at Pistorius home, he saw that two other responders were already there -- a man standing outside and a woman near the front door as he walked in. He said he rushed right past them and went inside to see if he could be of assistance. "At the bottom of the stairs ... there was a lady lying on her back on the floor," Stipp said of his first observations. "I went near her and as I bent down, I also noticed a man on the left kneeling by her side. He had his left hand on her right groin, and his right hand, the second and third fingers in her mouth." "It was obvious that she was mortally wounded," Stipp said. "She had no pulse in the neck, she had no peripheral pulse. She had no breathing movements that she made." As a radiologist, Stipp is a medical doctor with years of study, and he said he used his expertise to try to save the woman -- even though he was fairly sure his efforts would be in vain. He noticed a wound in the womans right thigh, in her upper arm and in the right side of the head, and there was brain tissue around the skull. Stipp didnt know the man was Pistorius until later, he said. He had mistakenly thought Pistorius lived in a different house in the gated community. Echoing the assertions of two other state witnesses in the trial, Stipp also maintained that he heard a womans screams before and around the time of the gunshots. That is a significant issue in the case. Prosecutors say there was a fight between Pistorius and Steenkamp and that she was screaming before and perhaps during the shooting. Pistorius says he was the only one to scream, mainly after realizing hed shot his girlfriend by mistake. Roux, the defence lawyer, described the head wound as "terrible, serious, devastating," arguing that Steenkamp could not have screamed during the gunfire because she would not have been able to. "What Im saying to you, when you heard screams, it could not have been the deceased," Roux said to Stipp. "Its medically impossible." It is unclear, however, which of the four shots struck Steenkamps head. Duke Ihenacho Jersey . The Giants chances of winning the division were dealt a serious blow by the three-game sweep at the hands of the lowly Padres. The Giants open a three-game series at Dodger Stadium on Monday night. San Francisco is still in good shape to clinch a wild-card berth, although it dropped into a tie with Pittsburgh in the race for the top spot. Carl Banks Jersey . Carling Bassett-Seguso was a world No. 8 almost 30 years ago. Currently 13th, Bouchard is assured of equalling that when the next rankings are released Monday.REGINA - Tino Sunseri has a lot more homework to do these days. The Saskatchewan Roughriders backup quarterback has been thrust into the starters role thanks to a season-ending injury to Darian Durant. Sunseri is expected to get his first CFL start on Sunday in Hamilton when the Riders take on the Tiger-Cats. "When youre a kid growing up, you want to play pro football and you want to start games and you want to try and put your team in a position to win games," Sunseri said after the teams practice on Wednesday. "This doesnt really change from the way our quarterback room is, though. From the beginning of the year we have all been coming in and preparing as if we were the starter, making sure that we could help out whoever it was that was playing." Sunseri added that whether hes the backup or the starter, his preparation doesnt change drastically. Hell still put in his hours studying game film, hell download video to his iPad and scour it a little more when he gets home at the end of the day. Hell meet with offensive co-ordinator George Cortez and fellow quarterback Seth Doege, and theyll talk about what they plan to call in certain game situations. "Im going to make sure Im in here studying as much as I can, making sure Im putting in the extra work and making sure that everybody has that faith in me so that whenever we step on the field that were going to be competitive and our offence is able to put points on the board," Sunseri said. Sunseri, in his second season with the Riders, has seen limited playing time this season. He stepped in for an injured Durant in the Riders Aug. 24 game against the B.C. Lions and threw a touchdown pass that stood as the game-winning sccore. Robert Thomas Jersey. . His most recent action was this past Sunday in Winnipeg after Durant exited with an elbow injury. The Riders held on to defeat the Blue Bombers 30-24, which was Saskatchewans seventh straight victory that pushed the team into second place in the West Division with an 8-2 record. Cortez joked and said the one big difference between Sunseri and Durant is game experience, but later added he wasnt concerned given Sunseris brief moments this season. "Im sure it gives him confidence," Cortez said. "On top of that, it gives confidence to the guys hes playing with. Youre not as worried had it been a guy who hadnt played at all, who could actually call a play in the huddle and get the snap and all that." The Riders picked up another quarterback Wednesday, signing Keith Price. The 23-year-old California native joins Saskatchewan after attending the Seattle Seahawks rookie camp. Price played four seasons for the University of Washington Huskies, and was originally signed by the defending Super Bowl champions in June as an undrafted free agent. Sunseri certainly has the football pedigree working in his favour. Not only is he a graduate of Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh, Penn., the same institution that boasts such alumni as NFL quarterbacks Dan Marino and Marc Bulger, but Sunseris family is deeply immersed in the game as well. Sal Sunseri, Tinos father, was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1982 NFL draft and later coached with the Carolina Panthers for six seasons. He is now the defensive line coach with the Florida State Seminoles. Tinos brother Vinnie Sunseri, is a defensive back in his rookie season with the NFLs New Orleans Saints. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '



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