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  Custom Chemical Metering Pump for Urethane Foam Pump Dispenser

Custom Chemical Metering Pump for Urethane Foam Pump Dispenser

A globally marketed packaging company approached Kexon to design and manufacture a custom chemical metering Foam Pump(KEXON) for their urethane foam packaging system. They designed a fast, easy, and versatile product which produces protective polyurethane foam packages. The two component urethane chemicals would be automatically mixed and precisely metered to create high quality foam which protects products of virtually any size, shape or weight. The desired pump needed to dispense the water-based urethane very accurately and reliably.

Kexon’s positive displacement custom rotary pump was developed specifically for applications requiring high metering accuracy and long life. Kexon originally designed this pump using gerotor technology, but the chemical requirements for this application evolved over the years and the customer adjusted their urethane formula. In response, Kexon adapted the design to better perform with the new chemicals, switching from a gerotor gear to our patented IGR technology.

The pump bolts into the end of a column and drive motor assembly, which is installed directly into the chemical drum. The rotor is made from highly abrasion resistant tool steel. The pump includes an integral pressure relief plug designed to burst at 1400 psi.The completed foam packaging dispensing system is currently sold by our customer around the world for efficient and high quality shipping protection.

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