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The Performance Range and Application Range of Foam Pumps are Expanding

The Performance Range and Application Range of Foam Pumps are Expanding

Foam Pump(KEXON) have many advantages over other pumping equipment such as: easy to operate, most have self-priming functions; and high wear resistance; able to transport very long distances, which is not met by small machines.

A machine that delivers or pressurizes a liquid. A pump in a broad sense is a machine that delivers or pressurizes a fluid, including some machinery that delivers gas. The pump transfers the energy of the prime mover's mechanical or other energy to the liquid, increasing the energy of the liquid.

The promotion of water is very important for human life and production. From 1851 to 1875, multi-stage foam pumps with vanes were successively invented, making it possible to develop high-lift foam pumps. Subsequently, various pumps were introduced. With the application of various advanced technologies, the efficiency of the pump is gradually improved, and the performance range and application are also expanding.

With the development of materials engineering and the emergence of new material surface treatment processes, many materials and surface treatment processes are likely to be applied to the pump and plunger surfaces, and the friction and wear tests of pure laboratory matching materials are used to determine the far-off. Far from satisfying the current

The urgent need to improve the life of foam pump cylinders and plungers, how to design the pump and plunger pairing materials with the principles and techniques of materials science and other disciplines is an urgent problem to be solved.