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How long does it take to remove the tattoo?

Q Switch Laser Tattoo Removal takes time - on average between 10-13 months. Many people reach the point of the tattoo they want to be removed in their lives, and ask a question "How long does it take to remove the tattoo" just to be surprised by the answer. In fact, what you can do is not speed up the process - although we have some tips at the bottom of this article!

But tattoo removal is a bit like saving money for a house deposit. Because it takes time and has no immediate results, many people have been deferring it to "tomorrow." But guess what? After a blink of a year, you will come back and think about it. 'If I started to remove the tattoo last year, I will finish it now! 'If you are thinking about removing tattoos, now is the time, it's because it really takes time.

The biggest factor is the length of time you need to wait between treatments. The recommended minimum time between treatments is 4 weeks, but most clinicians recommend an interval of 6-8 weeks. Therefore, if you think that the tattoo may take up to 9 treatments to remove completely, this may be more than a year before the tattoo is removed.

Some people ask 'I am big and tough, I can stand the pain, can't I receive treatment every few weeks? 'Unfortunately, the answer is no, there is no benefit in reducing the time between treatments. Your body needs time to clear broken ink particles, as Phil Collins said (if he ever wrote a song about tattoo removal instead of love) 'You can't rush to treat, no, you just have to wait'

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What other factors will affect the time required?
The position of the tattoo on you - tattoos on the limbs (such as fingers and toes) take longer to remove than the torso tattoo

Ink color - Black is the easiest color to remove, green and red are the hardest

Who made your tattoo - Professional tattoo artists use more ink means longer deletion, but that doesn't mean we recommend that you get your next tattoo from amateurs!

You want to completely fade or remove the tattoo - if you only want to downplay the tattoo (for example, it is no longer visible under a white business shirt, or if you want to cover it with a new tattoo), then the treatment time is quite small

Skin Type - The darker the skin, the less effective the Q Switch ND YAG laser penetrates the dermis and the more time it takes.

Is there any way I can speed up this process?
There are a few things you can do to get the process done as quickly as possible:

Start now. As we said at the top of this article, the sooner you start, the sooner you finish. It sounds like a long time in a year, but in 12 months, I promise you will go back and say, 'Where did Geez go that year? 'You can use it as the year you removed Tattoo.
Agree to the best time between treatments and keep an appointment. If you need 9 treatments, the average time for each appointment is pushed back for 1 week, and your total treatment time has increased by more than 2 months before you know it.
Do not smoke. Your overall health affects the extent to which your body washes ink particles, and smoking is a well-known factor in slowing down this process.
Tanning. As we mentioned above, the darker your skin, the worse the laser effect, so more fair you can keep your skin more effective.
Consider masking the tattoo. We have two ideas for this suggestion. If you like tattoos but just don't love a particular tattoo, it makes sense to fade it to the extent that it can be covered with a new tattoo. However, if you suffer more ordinary tattoo regrets, then you risk replacing your unwanted tattoos with new ones you don't like - as they say in poker, 'double in bad hands'

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