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zhang Jan 12
Theme nights are a fun and exciting way of hosting a corporate event [url=http://www.cheapmagicshop.com/mario-hezonja/]Cheap Mario Hezonja Jersey[/url] , Christmas party, Gala dinner or Wedding or a birthday party. Perhaps it is the fact that guests are in character which sets the scene for a night of fantasy and surprise.

Ideas for theme nights can be difficult to come up with, so below are just a few that are proven hits.

With the simple roll of the dice or turn of the card, you could have the ultimate night to remember.

Play a game of black jack or Texas Hold'em as you slowly sip you martini - shaken not stirred.

So whether you decide to go with Vegas vibe or Monte Carlo chic, lady luck is sure to be on your side.

2.Western theme bonanza

The scene is set in the local Saloon. Round up your favourite cowgirls and cowboys for your Western party bonanza.

Western parties are the perfect time for line dancing, square dancing or doing your best Texas Two Step.

The big top has come to town. With clowns, jugglers, acrobats [url=http://www.cheapmagicshop.com/marreese-speights/]Cheap Marreese Speights Jersey[/url] , trapeze, and lion tamer you could make you event a circus extravaganza.

Chivalry is alive and well in Camelot! Join the great knights and fair maidens in a night of regal splendor.

5.Magic and Illusion
Abracadabra!! This night is full of vanishing acts, card tricks and magic hats.

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary night of illusion.

6.Super Hero's and Villains
An action packed superhero and villain party will have them saving the world in no time. Choosing from Superman, Spiderman, Wonder woman, the Hulk and Wolverine, you won't have any difficulty finding a hero.

Or if your disposition is of a villainous nature then come as Count Dracula, Lex Luther [url=http://www.cheapmagicshop.com/arron-afflalo/]Cheap Arron Afflalo Jersey[/url] , Zod, the Goblin or Poison Ivy.

The scene is Venice; imagine the Venice gateway and the gondolas on the Venetian lagoon as a backdrop.

A Venetian carnival is the perfect setting for your masquerade ball. A night of glamour and extravagance is sure to be a success.

8.Surf's Up - Hawaiian Theme
Aloha!! Break out the coconuts and grass skirts - it's Hawaiian time. Greet everyone with a lei, and hand them a cocktail.

A tropical atmosphere of surf, sun and sand is sure to get the luau started. Aloha!

9.Oscar Night
Party like the stars at your own awards night bash. Oscar night is all about glitz and glamour.

Roll out the red carpet and strike a pose for the paparazzi.

10.Halloween Horror
Halloween is the night to forget about good taste, the creepier the better.

All Hallows eve is filled with ghosts and goblins, zombies and ghouls, witches and warlocks, and innocent fools.

11.Winter Wonderland
Add cool [url=http://www.cheapmagicshop.com/jonathan-isaac/]Cheap Jonathan Isaac Jersey[/url] , seasonal style to your holiday soiree.

It can be simple and chic. Keep your scheme silver and white.

A snow man set in front of a backdrop of an enchanted every green forest and winter castle can add to the magic of your winter wonderland.

The Jazz era of the 1920's and 1930's was one of many changes. Government introduced prohibition in order to make alcohol illegal. As a result the gangster and mafia society grew large, rich and powerful through bootlegging and corruption.

So get ready to dance the Charleston at the The Cotton Club with Bugsy and all his pals.

13.Alice in wonderland
I'm late, I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!

Slide down the rabbit hole and join Alice and friends for the ultimate tea party.

Ahoy matey! A pirate party is sure to bring out the swashbuckler in you all.

The essentials for a pirate party include a pirate ship, hidden treasure and the dreaded plank.

A treasure hunt will keep the crew entertained for hours. But beware of mutiny, for those who dare must walk the plank.

Other Theme Nights can include....Fairytale theme, Arabian nights, Jungle book [url=http://www.cheapmagicshop.com/jason-williams/]Cheap Jason Williams Jersey[/url] , African safari, Austin Powers' theme, Starship enterprise, Myths and Legends Party, Ancient Egypt, The 70's, The 80's, The 60's [url=http://www.cheapmagicshop.com/grant-hill/]Cheap Grant Hill Jersey[/url] , Oriental Party, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, The wizard of OZ, Totally Disco, Ancient Japan, Under the sea, Mardi gras, From the Movies [url=http://www.cheapmagicshop.com/shaquille-oneal/]Cheap Shaquille O'Neal Jersey[/url] , Action Heroes Night, Beach Party, Pajama Party, Around the world theme, Latin Night, Mexican Fiesta, Sci-fi party, Cupid party Famous couples throughout History [url=http://www.cheapmagicshop.com/vince-carter/]Cheap Vince Carter Jersey[/url] , Murder Mystery , Rock around the clock (the 50's) Sports hero party, Truckies, Tarts and Motor sports, Victor Victoria Party, Tarts and Vicars, Peter Pan, A Shakespearian tale [url=http://www.cheapmagicshop.com/dwight-howard/]Cheap Dwight Howard Jersey[/url] , 40's Hollywood party, Famous TV series, Angels and Demons, Comic book party, Toga party, In the mood for swing, Gladiators, Bling Bling party [url=http://www.cheapmagicshop.com/tracy-mcgrady/]Cheap Tracy Mcgrady Jersey[/url] , Bollywood party.

Enjoy dressing up!

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