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Date & time Apr 15
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So I am very much just an old school player that may relate to a number of these things and really I can barely relate to any of the retail comparisons you create. If wow classic gold anything it just makes me glad my PC couldn't manage Cataclysm. Especially in a recovery course that, while pretty laid back, did have one of those very impacts in WoW Classic even if people did not want to acknowledge.

I will never forget that 1 time my guild had to enter ICC with 7 healers rather than the usual 4 since I had been absent for this particular raid. Something I am still sorry about but it was exactly what it was. And it still makes me feel good to know I was worth 4 healers.

WoW Classic - the last little flicker of buy wow classic gold light from Blizzard, as long as Activision doesn't snuff it out. Hope they could stick to their guns with this, it may really turn their sub count and player support around. I am tired of the personal server scene, retail wow arena and just about all the other dumpster fires which have erupted recently within distinct regions of gaming. I hope WoW Classic can reestablish that dying light within several.

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